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In order to get more insight into the living conditions of the people, despite the isolated situation of the ANKER centres, to give them a voice and to make this known to the public, the bavarian and munich refugee councils together with a broad network of supporting organisations and individuals founded “ANKER-Watch”. On the one hand a survey will be conducted to find out what the conditions in the institutions are like and on the other hand a platform will be offered for reports from experts and victims on the subject. The aim is to break through the isolation barrier and make these problems more transparent to the public. 

The introduction of ANKER centres has brought about a major change for all those who are either active full-time in the refugee field or on a voluntary basis. Access to and the exchange with refugees has become much more difficult than before due to the often remote camps and the inaccessibility of those. At the same time, the need for support seems to be increasing due to the difficult circumstances in the ANKER facilities. The Bavarian and Munich Refugee Councils in particular have been repeatedly informed of serious grievances, fatal living conditions and experiences of violence by fugitives from the ANKER centres. In most ANKER centres there are only a few active volunteers. Access is complicated and the burden and frustration for volunteers is high.

Out of the collected reports, we are creating a documentation in the form of a watch list.

We stand up for the rights of refugees. We are against the exclusion and isolation of refugees by placing them in camps and we demand equal rights and a life in safety for all.

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