From inside

The life here in a ANKER camp is not easy. Despite all the doubts and fears about the decision of the asylum application itself, the geographical isolation and further barriers to integrate into the German society, we suffer from a huge lack of privacy.

All this starts because we are not permitted to lock our rooms, the locks of the doors have been removed by the administration of the camp. This puts us under a constant fear about our personal belongings. We have so many security guards here. This constantly gives us the feeling that we are in an unsafe environment.

Some people remove the door handles of the rooms to give them some sensation of privacy and security as well. Further, between 2 to 4 times in a week the security guards come into our rooms to check our document, the so-called “Yellow Card”. This procedure is quite strange because actually we are asked to check presence in a list at the entrance of the building everyday. This routine check inside the rooms always happens after 10pm and makes us wonder why they do it.

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