Security violence in Anker centres

In December 2020, G. sought advice from the Infobus for refugees in Ingolstadt / Manching and described a violent incident involving employees of the security company at the AnkER branch P3.
This was preceded by a dispute with another resident of the anchor center. G. and the other resident had had difficulties with each other in the past and on that day there was another verbal argument. There was a loud discussion and the resident insulted G. An employee from the operating company PulsM assessed this situation as escalating to such an extent that he called in employees of the security company to settle the situation. The four security staff members only approached G. and not the other resident.

G. reported that he had been harassed by the security before several times in the past. They did not let him inside for no reason while it was very cold outside. In the canteen they would have knocked his drink out of his hand and made racist statements towards him. Due to the past incidents, G. was skeptical from the start and feared further unfair action on the part of the security. So he picked up his cell phone to document what was happening. The security staff then asked G. to give them his cell phone. G. refused to do this, whereupon the security staff wanted to grab the cell phone, the four of them narrowed it and finally knocked the cell phone out of his hand and forcibly pushed him to the ground. G. was lying on his stomach on the floor, two of them kneeling on his shoulders, another fixed his legs. G. said several times that he was in pain and unable to breathe. Even so, he continued to be forcibly held on the ground for several more minutes. This behavior of the security can not be classified as de-escalating by any means, but rather shows the arbitrariness and willingness to use violence by the security staff.

We keep receiving reports from residents in Bavarian anchor centers who are discriminated by the security staff and are affected by violent attacks. We even received an anonymous call from an employee of the security company in Ingolstadt / Manching, who spoke of the racist behavior of his colleagues. He also reported alcohol and drug consumption during working hours, physical abuse among the staff and illegal employment contracts.
The incident described at the anchor branch in Ingolstadt is just one of many that highlights the structural problems associated with the cooperation between the government and private security companies. The quality and professionalism of the employees should be guaranteed through intercultural training and monitoring, but this seems questionable due to the numerous incidents. Ultimately, the responsibility rests with the government of Upper Bavaria, which delegates the guarding of the anchor centers to the security companies. The structures in the anchor centers and the responsibility for the security of the private security companies encourage violence and discriminatory, racist attacks.