Doctors of the world end offer of an open psychiatric consultation hour

Due to the poor conditions in the ANKER facilities in Ingolstadt/Manching, the employees of Doctors of the World decided to terminate the open psychiatric consultation prematurely at the end of October. Since the beginning of 2019, a team of doctors, psychologists and interpreters has been offering twice a month consultation hours in the Max-Immelmann barracks. The experience of the last six months has now led to the decision that the continuation of the project is no longer sustainable under the given circumstances.

“The disease-causing living conditions in the anchor facility in Manching/Ingolstadt prevent successful treatment. Under these conditions, doctors of the world cannot bear the responsibility for the condition of severely mentally ill patients and their medication,” says the psychiatrist and physician of the World CEO Professor Heinz-Jochen Zenker.

As points of criticism, Doctors of the World continued to cite the failure of authorities and administration when it comes to the distribution of sick persons from the stressful camp institution. There are no instructions for this and there is no planned procedure. Whether those affected receive support and are placed in adequate accommodation is left to chance.

Here is the link to the press release of 26.09.2019:

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