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We would like to make the conditions in the ANKER centres public, so that we can better inform people and clarify the situation on site. is there to help document the situation in the ANKER centres. For this we need reports of experiences from the ANKER centres; on concrete incidents as well as on general living conditions. 

You live or have lived in an ANKER centre, you are active on a voluntary basis or work in an ANKER centre and have, for example, experienced one of the following:

  • The conditions in the camp are unbearable (e.g. more than ten people are accommodated in one room, the sanitary facilities are insufficient, the medical care is not sufficient etc.).
  • You have witnessed a police raid or deportation
  • There are problems with the security or the operating company (e.g. the rooms are entered or searched without consent and without reason)
  • You have experienced an incident of violence yourself or are a witness and can document or report it.
  • The authorities are doing something you believe is wrong.

Via you can contact us by e-mail (encrypted), telephone, SMS, ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘Signal’, and send us information. You can also link your own contributions on Twitter and Instagram to our accounts or write us a private message.

If you report an incident, our editorial staff will post an article regarding this if necessary. Please let us know if have any concerns about the publication of any information you provide us with. We will then be happy to get in touch with you. You do not have to provide any contact details for an incident report. This is voluntary. These details can, however, help us to understand and complete information and thus guarantee the quality of these articles.

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