Social Welfare cuts in Fürstenfeldbruck

In the Fürstenfeldbruck Ankerzentrum, the rigorous cuts in social benefits laid down in the new law are now being implemented.
Asylum seekers whose application for asylum was rejected as inadmissible will only receive benefits for food, accommodation, heating and personal hygiene. This means services for telecommunications, mobility and the previously granted cash amount of 97€ will be completely abolished.
As a consequence, this means complete isolation for the affected people in the Ankerzentrum. Due to the elimination of the monthly ticket of MVV and the cash benefit, they are no longer able to move freely and, for example, to visit counselling services in Munich. The cuts of the cash amount deprive the affected persons of every opportunity to participate in society and thus further isolate them.
As early as 2012, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled that human dignity could not be justified in terms of migration policy and that the minimum subsistence level must also be applied to the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz.
The rejection of the asylum application as “inadmissible” also does not mean that the refugees could leave the country. With the so-called Dublin transfers, refugees have to wait for their deportation date and cannot simply leave. Many refugees flee from EU countries such as Greece, Italy or Bulgaria, where the disastrous asylum system is threatening them with homelessness and lack of access to medical treatment. Recently, the ECJ ruled that refugees cannot be sent back to EU countries where they face inhuman treatment. In this context, the cuts in benefits are particularly bitter for those affected.

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