Massive police raid to enforce house rules

Between five and six o’clock in the morning, the police entered the Anker-Dependance in Fürstenfeldbruck with approx. 85 cars and a total of 273 policeman. The aim of the mission was to enforce the house rules. This is stated in the answer to the question of the Green party politician Gülseren Demirel from 05.12.18.
The policemen*women were equipped with helmets, batons and dogs. A witness testified that the appearance of the officers was reminding him of a war mission. The residents were torn from their sleep by the raid in the early morning and were held for hours in their rooms, many children were disturbed and frightened by the martial behaviour of the police.

The result of the action, which costed €70,000, was the confiscation of everyday items that were banned in the camp. These included, for example, 116 hotplates, electric kettles, knives and scissors, parts of the bed frames and alcoholic beverages. The personal electronic devices of the residents were simply destroyed afterwards.

The only find that was relevant under criminal law was 70g marijuana, a total of 11 reports were made, eight of them for violations of the Narcotics Law. It is more than questionable whether such a result justifies the massive restrictions imposed by such a police operation.

A police operation of this kind to enforce the house rules is disproportionate and places the residents under general suspicion. One can assume that such actions should intimidate the refugees in order to prevent further demonstrations of the residents such as on 03.11.2018.

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